Ron’s coaching helped me explore my limitations and helped bring to light how I had created these limitations myself. This was extremely powerful as it made me realise that I could, in turn, let these limitations go. After the session I felt completely empowered. Ron helped me gain momentum and achieve a goal of mine with focus, inspiration and ease. His way of coaching encouraged so much self-exploration in me and I can’t thank him enough!

Ashley S

I first met Ron as a coach at a very busy period in my personal life which was impacting on my work. Juggling too many balls, another one was thrown into the mix, as if I didn’t have enough to do, I had to find time for a ‘Coaching Session’ with Ron. It was the best hour I ever invested in my work and I never looked back. As I walked away, I remember thinking ‘What happened?’  Ron hadn’t told me anything, yet here I was with solutions. Ron had asked me questions and given me time. His skilful questioning had enabled me to work out the answers. The experience led to a shift in my thinking, an increase in confidence and consequent developments in my career.

Over the following years I have always turned to Ron for both formal and informal coaching sessions. Ron’s coaching has enabled me to become the best I could be in my chosen profession, to be able to develop my leadership skills and to spread my wings so that I was working outside my organisation at a local and national level.

Ron’s ability as a coach is to bring out the best, to clear the muddied waters, to enable you to identify what you are capable of. Most importantly it is not just what you get in the session that makes the difference, Ron enables you to take that special something with you and draw on it when you need to and sometimes, when you are least expecting to.

Catherine T

The coaching experiences I had with Ron were nothing short of excellent. They allowed me to voice concerns, think about alternative view points, put in place actions I was yet to consider and reflect deeply on my practice. With Ron’s input I reached these points whilst simultaneously self-solving problems I had encountered.

It provided me with a sounding board and a means of getting advice to remove barriers.

Thanks so much for the experience and I look forward to working with you again.

Tom P

Thank you for your training session yesterday.  It was a pleasure to have met you and learnt some fantastic things.  I left yesterday with an arm length of new knowledge to try. Not only new knowledge, but enthusiasm to implement those skills too. 

Many thanks!  All the best with future training sessions on Zoom; you smashed it yesterday! 

Melissa W

I would just like to say thank you very much for the training session yesterday. You really opened up my mind about how we use questioning. The session was great and I know that everyone else from my training team felt the same. I loved how you took responsibility for the explanation you gave each time and said that if we don’t understand it’s because you’ve not explained it very well.

Thank you so much for the quality of the session.

Stephanie L

I just wanted to thank you for such an insightful training session. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s session and learnt a great deal.

Sana R

Ron Piper is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced training coach, who has delivered many CPD training events within our Initial Teacher Training Programme. His professionalism and communication skills are exemplary; in advance of any event, Ron will always distribute all relevant training materials and course information, which are of high quality. It has been a pleasure working in partnership with Ron, who has provided valuable coaching for our mentors and has supported both our trainee teachers and NQTs. His training events are always well received, and the feedback is always positive.

Kirsty B